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Ants Eco Pest Control Perth is your local pest control expert in Perth. Our pest control technicians serving your local area are experienced, fully trained, and insured. You can trust the name Ants Eco Pest Control Perth to help you with your ants problem.If you need to get in touch with us, simply call us at 0413452198 and our friendly staff will take your details to provide you with the best ants pest control services.

Ants is one of the biggest problems faced by residents of Western Australia. Perth ants are unbelievably clever creatures. You won’t even know that they have made their way into your house or have built up the whole city underground. Every person living in Perth has come across these annoying tiny creatures whether it’s in their kitchen or outside in gardens or front paving. Ants pest control is the basic need of most residents in WA because there is no escape from these little trouble makers.

Commercial Ants Control Perth

Ants not only come to your house and feel it at home, but they can be an annoyance in most newly built clean commercial buildings also. Either you talk about an office or restaurants or stores. Where there is food, ants will find their way to get in. You may find them creeping in your lunchrooms, office kitchen, or even at coffee benches to enjoy some sugary treats. Ants communicate with each other through signals, especially to find food trails.

Pavement Ants Control Perth

When ants start digging up soil between pavers, it can quickly ruin the look of your patio, paths, and driveway. Left long enough, their excavations will start to undermine your pavers, causing pavers to sink and wobble – potentially unsafe and more expensive to fix!
So next time you see such small dunes in your pavements do not take it lightly, give us a call at Ants pest control Perth. We are here to offer you immediate service at the most affordable price.

Why Choose Ants Eco Pest Control Perth

Ants Eco Pest Control Perth has been eliminating pests for locals for years. We are the trusted company called by locals to help them exterminate ants. One of the best things which our customers always appreciate is our free and honest advice. Our expert pest control technicians are always happy and willing to educate our clients on the reasons behind  the ants pest problem they face. We believe that the knowledge we have after the years of experience regarding these ants is useful to share with our customers so that we can help them exterminate ants even more effectively and without delay.

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We offer a variety of service options to suit any budget. If you need high-quality, affordable pest control, look no further than Ants Eco Pest Control Perth

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At Ants Eco Pest Control we do not misguide you with false quotes at a low price and later on, add up different charges to give a long bill. We believe in honest service providing crystal clear dealings with our customers to make things easier for them.

Some FAQs About Ants Pest Control Perth

Yes, professional pest controllers are trained to get rid of ants in the best possible ways.

At Ants Eco Pest Control Perth we give you the most affordable and competitive price of the market with the written warranty.

They are licensed pest control technicians and have access to registered insecticide chemicals which they are allowed to use to spray to get rid of ants. Other than that the baits used are also sold to registered pest controllers to comply with health and safety rules and regulations laid by the Government of Australia.

Methods we use for Ants Eradication

Ants are highly developed social insects and they can trace back the trails of food and travel far distances. They can become a nuisance for home as well as for commercial business. There are people who still first try the old methods of controlling ants , but it is just the waste of time and resources because ants will come up on the surface after a few weeks.

Liquid Insecticides

The best way to get rid of ants is to first locate the nest and treat it. This is the best method of control. In this Ants pest control method ,the ants nest is flooded with the liquid insecticide. The insecticide stays in soil and has effects in the long term which goes to the tunnels ants have made underground.

Ant Baits

Secondly the other method used is baiting treatment. As the name suggests a bait is used for the ants to take it back to their nest and cause more damage to other fellow ants and even the queen, which helps in the permanent ants eradication of the nest.

Calling A Pest Control Service

Professional pest control treatment is the best option to get rid of pests around your house. Pests whether they are ants, cockroaches, mice, or spiders; they not only take your peace of mind but also they can bring some diseases with them. It is highly recommended to call your pest control service provider in your area to exterminate these pests before they can become a big problem for you and your family. Now there comes a question which often our customers asks us

Is there anything we should do before pest control treatment?

Yes, there is a lot that you can do to help your Pest control service provider to do his job more effectively. It is crucial to follow some of these given suggestions because it is always a two-way job to keep the pests out of your house. Each of the different kinds of pests demand tailored solutions regarding pest control treatment, you and your pest control service provider can make a successful plan to execute.


Our Service Location Areas For Ants Pest Control Perth

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Perth Central Suburbs

Ants Eco Pest Control Perth is a reliable name in the pest control industry, with our experience combined with new techniques we deliver a hundred percent satisfaction for our customers. Our Ants control solutions are kids and pets safe, we use eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the environment.

Fremantle, Australia

Perth Southern Suburbs

At Ants Eco pest control Perth our expert ant’s pest control managers will inspect your property and identify the nests. We have experts all across the Southern and Northern Suburbs. The next step is to treat the nests to completely eradicate them and give you peace of mind by fully getting rid of ants.


Perth Northern Suburbs

Our service is a complete package, we will completely remove ants infestation from your property. Call us to book an appointment today to get rid of ants quickly and at the best possible time. Our safe and effective methods will completely remove any ants problem from inside or outside of your property.

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Types of Ants

In Australia, more than 4000 species of ants are found. Out of these only a few have been given names and identified as pests. There is a big range of different species of Ants here in Western Australia.

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