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You wake up one day and you are welcomed by ants in bathroom. It is the most annoying thing to happen in the early morning to put your mood in a bad position. Ants come into the bathroom to find water, that’s the main reason for ants in bathroom sink. They have to survive and take water back to their nest also. They might have come from outside the nest or there is a possibility they may be living in small wall openings or cracks or crevices. Ants extermination can only be done by a professional pest control manager who can locate the nest and plans an effective treatment according to the type of ants present.

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Ants in bathroom sink
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Some FAQs about Ants in bathroom

  • What causes ants in the bathroom?

    The primary reason for ants in bathroom are moisture and water. Many ant species are also attracted to scents and chemical odors.

  • How do you get rid of ants in the bathroom?

    Ants can come to your bathroom through cracks on the walls, one way to get rid of them is to seal any cracks. Other home remedies can be lemons, peppermint as ants do not like their smell.

  • How do I get rid of little black ants in my bathroom?

    Black ants usually nest outside the house but can make their way inside in search of food. If they are coming inside the first thing is to determine their nest from where they come back and forth. Some home remedies can be Chalk, Oranges and Vinegar. But if the problem goes out of hand you need an exterminator to get rid of them completely and effectively.

Methods we use for Ants Eradication

Ants are highly developed social insects and they can trace back the trails of food and travel far distances. They can become a nuisance for home as well as for commercial business. There are people who still first try the old methods of controlling ants , but it is just the waste of time and resources because ants will come up on the surface after a few weeks.

Liquid Insecticides

The best way to get rid of ants is to first locate the nest and treat it. This is the best method of control. In this Ants pest control method ,the ants nest is flooded with the liquid insecticide. The insecticide stays in soil and has effects in the long term which goes to the tunnels ants have made underground.

Ant Baits

Secondly the other method used is baiting treatment. As the name suggests a bait is used for the ants to take it back to their nest and cause more damage to other fellow ants and even the queen, which helps in the permanent ants eradication of the nest.

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