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What To Do After Pest Control Sprays

Once the pest control treatment has been done for your house there are a few steps you should follow to ensure the service provided to you can have long lasting effects.

What to do after pest control sprays:

1. Do Not Enter the House before the recommended time

Your pest control service provider will guide you for the time if you have to leave the house. You should not enter before. It is for your health and safety. Please note that leaving home is not required at all times, it is very rare when a technician recommends you to leave a house. In some specific conditions.

2. Do Not Clean your House

The professional pest control service providers know how to work and clean after them. So they won’t leave any mess around to be cleaned. Moreover, it is recommended not to deep clean your house for at least a week. Because it can wipe away some of the chemicals which need to be there on skirting for effective treatment.

3. Get the repairs done

If there are any leakages around the house you must get them repaired. The leakages are a source of water and moisture for the pests and they might come around again if they find it in your house. Moreover, these can provide the passage for pests to enter and exit the house. The crevices formed in the wall are a major source for ants to nest or serve as a passage. 

4. Look out for Pests

what to do after pest control sprays

You are going to find dead pests like cockroaches or spiders or other insects around your house which you have to remove and you have to be efficient in doing that because if the dead insect is left where it can invite other pests to feast upon it.


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